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I started PAETHOS in 2016 after seeing a major gap that existed for companies and organizations with the quality of their video marketing efforts and strategy. After freelancing part time for about a year while working full time in Multimedia at Angie’s List, I began dreaming about the possibility of starting my own business.

Having come from a finance & consulting background, I was able to apply a lot of the strategic and operational skills that I had already learned to the world of production and video marketing. I am a unique blend of CREATIVE, STRATEGIST, and STORYTELLER.

Every organization across every industry will have to develop the ability to emotionally connect with their customers, clients, and supporters through video and personalized content.

“EVERYTHING that you show matters and affects how the audience feels.”



i studied cinematography & visual storytelling at

maine media workshops

I have worked with clients ranging from healthcare to manufacturing to technology companies. I am committed to providing high quality, compelling video content and providing the tools and resources necessary to make sure my clients are successful in their video marketing efforts.

Let's get to work!